Welcome to Learner Driving Perth


We are Alan Jamieson - ADI, and Stuart Hockaday - ADI. We both hold the Scottish Executive Enhanced Disclosure Certificate, available for inspection on request.

We are professional Approved Driving Instructors, which means that we are fully qualified and are NOT trainees.

From us, you get a fullly tailored and structured training programme, which is designed specifically for you and your learning style and needs. We invest a lot of our time and money in ensuring that we, ourselves, have the most advanced up to date training available to enable us to help you safely learn to drive. Your progress will be quicker and cost you less than with those instructors who don't use modern training methods. You will benefit from our reliable, professional and friendly service. Learn at your natural pace and know that you will not be held back from progressing. We offer you real variety in your lessons as we do not bore you senseless, constantly driving around the same old, worn, routes.

So, if you want expert training, structured to suit you and your timescale and budget, then call us first. You won't regret your decision.